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About us

It is our aim to be the best of lift contractors, with a personal and fully project managed service to fit with your requirements and site demands. At Skyrise Lifts quality matter.

Skyrise Lifts will strive to keep your costs down, but still maintain a high level of service/Repair, Commitment and professionalism. We achieve this by spending that extra time on each project.

Our engineers have years of experience and extensive knowledge of all types of lift equipment, means we can ensure that your lift maximises its shelf life and we can survey your lift quickly and provide the best value solution on the market.


SkyRise Lifts Ltd. is a fast-growing independent company based in England in the city of Milton Keynes, founded in November 2018, however, its activity in the industry only started in early 2019. It was during the year 2020 that the business started to get in contact with several lift companies slowly growing. In 2021 SkyRise Lifts reached a new milestone, the company started to develop its own contracts in the lift industry continuing to expand the business activity. In the course of the year 2022 and 2023 so far, SkyRise has been focusing gaining more contracts and concentrated upon its own clients and their needs

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