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Founded in 2018, Skyrise Lifts is an rapidly growing independent company based in Milton Keynes.

Skyrise Lifts specializes in all areas associated with the lift industry.

From lift upgrades, repairs, services and maintenance contracts.

We pride ourselves on trust, efficiency, quality and professionalism.

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It is our preeminent aim to be the best of lift contractors, with a personal and fully project managed service to fit with your particular requirements and site demands. At SkyRise Lifts quality matters.

SkyRise Lifts will strive to keep your costs down, but still maintain a high level of service/Repair, Commitment and professionalism.

We achieve this by spending that extra time on each project at the planning stage to establish the most cost and time efficient way to achieve your final goal.

Our engineers have years of experience and extensive knowledge of all types of lift equipment, which means we can ensure that your lift maximizes its shelf life and we can survey your lift quickly and provide the best value solution on the market. We use fully tested, state of the art equipment, which meets all required safety standards and is fully compliant with all legislation for UK lifts.

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